Covid-19: the Power of Positivity

In the midst of this uncertain time with the Covid-19 virus and the anxiety and fear it can stir in us, it is of utmost importance that we guard our thoughts with vigilance. We work hard to eat healthy and remove food from our diets that cause inflammation and stress in order to provide our bodies with the right information so our biology will perform optimally and support healthy gene expression.

Did you know that your thoughts are also sending information to your body that also supports healthy gene expression? Yes, it is true. This is why we need to do a mental detox just like we do a nutritional detox. By removing inflammatory foods and supplying the body with all the wonderful nutrients it needs we give the body a boost so it can remove the toxins safely and then get about the business of repairing.


  1. Limit the time you spend reading, watching or listening to news. Get only what is factual to keep you and your family safe and informed. Our P3 Facebook page and our P3 website are great places to get current info needed to keep you protected from this virus.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down 5 things your are grateful for no matter how big or small. Gratitude is a powerful message we can send to our bodies and it helps move us from fear and anxiety to a more peaceful and hopeful state. This will pass and we will be stronger and even more resilient if we practice gratitude.
  3. Take advantage of all the free lessons being offered on the internet. There are free classes offered through many educational institutions. museums , zoos, national parks, have free tours online. There are free art classes. Take advantage of these and learn something new while having fun and being quarantined.
  4. Take advantage of free exercise videos on YouTube- Just search HIT Training, Yoga, Strength Training. You can also put in the word beginner and get great beginner workouts. To strengthen your core for those who suffer or don’t want to suffer from back pain Foundations Training is excellent. Start here
  5. Connect with people over Zoom or What’s App where you can see them and visit. You don’t have to be isolated thanks to technology. 
  6. Catch up on those projects you’ve been putting off because of a lack of time. Make a list and prioritize them so you can feel good about how you’re using your time.
  7. Listen to music you love that lifts your spirits.
  8. Get outside for fresh air. Do some deep breathing, pray and meditate. Pray for all the people who are working in our hospitals and grocery stores, our truck drivers, and anyone else you can think of that needs our thoughts, prayers, love and encouragement.
  9. Reach out to an older person and see if there is anything they need. Many elderly people live alone and are feeling very isolated and scared. You can even become penpals or Zoom pals.
  10. Take this time to do meal planning. PlateJoy is a great website that makes meal planning a breeze and allows you to set your profile to accommodate any food restrictions you have and it allows you to set a time for how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. You now have time to begin a very important and powerful discipline- the discipline of planning and prepping meals which are both key to success. Get the family involved- when kids are involved, they tend to eat what they have a say in and what they helped prepare.
  11. Make the most of this time where the world has forced us to slow down and truly be thankful for what matter.

Your P3 team loves each one of you. We are grateful for you and your families. We are here for you.

Stay fierce and positive and we will get through Covid-19 stronger and with greater resiliency.

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