P3’s WDP - Weight Domination Plan….

Dropper bottle of clear solution.

The beginning of February may remind many of us that we’re already falling behind on those lofty New Year’s resolutions. Diet and exercise related goals are the number one priority for many Americans, but repeated efforts often result in frustration and feelings of failure. For some it is a new shocking reality that they can’t shed the weight like they used to do without a lot more work.

The good news is that there is help.  P3’s clinical team, along with our health coach, have put together a weight loss system to give the added support necessary to not only lose weight, but change your relationship with food and reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

We have combined a scientifically proven and safe compounded peptide, Semaglutide, with foundational supplements and a blood sugar balancing shake.  Paired with your healthy diet and exercise, this combo offers significant traction in the effort to lose weight.

Semaglutide works by binding to the GLP-1 receptors (the body’s insulin release triggers) in the skeletal muscle, liver, pancreas, and most importantly the brain’s appetite centers. This reduces cravings (especially for sweet and fatty foods), helping the individual whose goal is to lose weight quickly and safely. It’s proven to be a powerful and long-lasting appetite suppressor without the complications or risks of stimulant based weight loss medications. In addition, the marked improvement in blood sugar levels make Semaglutide a great choice for those who are overweight with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Weight loss is often as high as 30% of the patient’s starting weight in just a few months.

Semaglutide works by the following mechanisms:

  1. Decrease appetite and craving
  2. Increase in satiety and delayed gastric emptying
  3. Changes in food preferences- away from fatty foods and carbohydrates
  4. Reduced energy intake

Semaglutide is the same peptide as Ozempic, Trulicity, Rybelsus and Wegovy but it has a better price tag than the commercial versions. For less than the cost of a 1 month supply of the commercial version, we are able to combine an almost 10 week supply with foundational Peak Packs, and blood sugar support meal replacement shakes.

This is conceptually similar to the difference between brand name vs generic medications… but is more complete and supportive.

At P3, we combine Semaglutide with a medical food shake designed to balance glucose levels along with a personalized healthy diet that is monitored by our health coach.  Each client will have their progress tracked using P3’s InBody scanners, which shows the change in body composition throughout the program. How long a client needs to stay on Semaglutide is dependent upon their weight loss goal, which is determined by the clinician and patient together after a review of current labs and history.

During the whole process, you will work with our health coach to create healthy habits and prepare for weight maintenance once you have met your body composition goals.

We are excited to partner with you and help you find the body composition success you have been working towards.

To sign up for the weight loss program, please contact the office at 425-441-3330. 






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