Tarah Huselton


Tarah is local to the Pacific Northwest and has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2009. She was drawn to the fitness industry because of her intrigue with human endurance and grit.

Prior to jumping into fitness and training she helped build the training program for what is now an internationally recognized brand in the aesthetic/style industry: Gene Juarez. After building their curriculum and education program Tarah had the opportunity to relocate to Australia with her husband. They spent 3 years abroad and when she returned home, she jumped into learning everything she could about training and fitness.

Tarah was hooked after she found not only did fitness and training facilitate her own personal health goals, but it also improves mood, motivation and confidence. Through her clients she found her passion in facilitating this self-discovery in others.

Her foundational belief is grounded in the simple understanding: We were meant to move; to move frequently and move well. Through movement we find joy and challenges. Those challenges are where we grow in physical, spiritual, emotional and mental strength.

Tarah enjoys working with diverse clients from elite athletes, weekend warriors, and those just starting their journey with movement. She also enjoys to community building that group fitness facilitates. As a result, she has built a loyal client base.

P3 is enlisting her leadership in building the Movement side to the coaching program. She is affectionately referred to in the office as the “MovementBoss”. A mantra of Tarah’s that’s been adopted by P3: It is not about getting into skinny jeans or setting a PR, its about a lifestyle for your lifetime.

Tarah’s reputation is broadly recognized locally but pales in comparison to her dog, Dex. His Instagram following is over 2900 and climbing.



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