Natalia Sarysz, RN

Aesthetic Injector located in Puyallup, WA

About Natalia Sarysz, RN

Natalia was born in Poland and immigrated here at the age of 3 with her parents and two-week-old sister. Her family came to America with only $1,000 and a suitcase. Natalia’s parents showed her what it takes to become successful and accomplish your goals and dreams. She has always depended on discipline, hard work, and faith to get to where she wants herself and her family to be. 

Natalia grew up in Federal Way and graduated from Todd Beamer High School. From the age of 16 she was already volunteering in the hospital and knew she wanted to be a nurse, just like her mother. She graduated from PLU with her B.S.N and started a career in the PACU. After 3 years there, Natalia moved to the ED where she currently works. She loves working in a fast paced and unpredictable environment, but also spending time with people and getting to know their story. Helping people feel better not only on the inside but also the outside is why she became certified in Nursing Aesthetics. Her goal for her clients is to help them accentuate the areas they love and improve their areas of concern all the while keeping a natural and refreshed look.

If Natalia is not working, you will usually find her playing sports with her two boys or decorating her house. She loves to start the day with coffee, followed by a fun HIIT workout. She enjoys being out in the sun and walking their Golden-Doodle and Great Dane. Keeping herself and her family healthy is a priority, and is why she chose P3 as a place to continue and grow her love for aesthetics.