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Located in Puyallup, Washington, Peak Performance & Prevention offers sports performance-improving services like nutritional counseling, detailed comprehensive blood work to assure you are operating with your full potential, and body composition analysis so you can reach your performance expectations. To schedule a consultation, call the office or book online today.

Sports Performance Q&A

What is sports performance?

Sports performance refers to your capabilities in physical activity. There’s nothing like pursuing and reaching your full potential in your sport or physical activity of choice, and your P3 clinician can help you get there. 

With a range of available sports performance services coupled with your own independent training, you can reach your peak:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Recovery

The sports performance services at P3 go beyond athletic training and practice. Instead, they improve your overall body functioning on a cellular level to make sure you get the most out of your training and practice. 

How can I improve my sports performance?

P3 clinicians supply services and products to help you improve as a competitive or non-competitive athlete. Your individualized sports performance plan may involve:

Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling teaches you about your body’s nutritional requirements and what it needs for peak endurance, energy, and athletic recovery. 

Hormone therapies

Hormone therapy like testosterone replacement therapy can improve sports performance for men with low testosterone. 

Body composition analysis

Body composition analyses can tell you more about your body mass. The information includes your fat mass, muscle mass, water retention, and other important details, as well as whether they’re within normal ranges. 

Herbs, supplements, and medications

Your clinician can help you navigate the list of herbs, drugs, and supplements that you can and can’t use in sports competitions. They make recommendations based on your current capabilities, needs, and future plans in your sport.

What should I expect while working to improve my sports performance?

The experts at P3 work with you closely as you seek to improve and optimize your sports performance. They offer regular assessments starting with an initial consultation. During this consultation, you set goals to target with your individualized plan.

The P3 clinicians create a personalized strategy according to your goals, including nutrition, supplements, hormones, and any other approaches that might be beneficial in your case. The practice’s owner, Michelle Murphy, is an IronMan triathlete and is well-versed in helping athletes achieve a competitive edge. If you compete, they make sure you’re eligible by only providing and recommending services that are safe and acceptable for competition. 

Improving your sports performance can set you up for success in competition and reaching your own personal goals. To schedule a sports performance consultation, call Peak Performance & Prevention or request an appointment online today.